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Coronavirus Prevention Tips For Podcasters | WPA

As you probably have noticed from the 24/7 media coverage, multiple school & event cancellations, and the empty shelves at the local grocery store, protecting yourself from the coronavirus is something that should be taken seriously. The virus is effecting millions worldwide and is having a major impact on our way of life as we continue to learn more and more about the virus every single day. 

With all the changes taking place also brings new opportunities. Here are five things to consider in regards to the coronavirus and your podcast:

1 – You can never be to cautious in regards to your podcasting equipment.

Sanitize….sanitize….sanitize! If your like thousands of podcasters out there, you most likely produce your podcast in a studio setting. Make sure to wipe down your headsets, laptops, and any other production equipment before and after you record your episode. This is something you should be doing before and after all recording.

2 – Keep your distance.

Social distancing as we do all we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this deadly virus is important now more then ever. If you have guests on your show or conduct in person interviews, you may want to consider conducting those interviews remotely with online tools like Zoom. If you do decide to stick with in person interviews, stay at least six feet apart of the person your interviewing and avoid handshakes or other physical contact.

3 – Look for new content opportunities.

Everyone is talking about the coronavirus as its effecting our jobs, our children, our loved ones, and society as we know it. As you think of ideas for your next podcast episode, consider how the coronavirus is effecting your show’s topic and perhaps find a way to tie it into your episode.

4 – Communicate with your audience.

With so much change going on remember to take a moment to communicate with your audience whether it be by email or by social media. Provide them with show updates, how your dealing with the virus, and any effects it may have on your episode schedule. You have worked hard to build your audience. Now more then ever before is a good time to keep them informed.

5 – The biggest growth opportunities oftentimes present themselves at the most challenging times.

In today’s world technology connects us and makes collaboration easier than ever.  We are urged to be distanced, but that does not mean isolated. Work is what we do, not where we go.  Can you use technology to make real human connections wherever you are?  This skill will be a huge benefit in the future regardless of what happens. Always remember to look for the silver lining. With everything going on,  people are hungry for information, inspiration, and connection. Let your podcast provide them with that.

We here at the Wisconsin Podcast Association are here for you. We are all in this together. Please feel free to reach out if you need anything. My thoughts and prayers to go out to everyone impacted and those like me who are worried. Our world as we know it has changed.