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How did you get into podcasting and where has it taken you ?

In 2016 we very naively started the GoGedders Podcast to highlight Milwaukee community leaders and tell
interesting stories at a time when no one was doing this in the city through podcasting. We really had no idea
what we were doing and made a lot of mistakes getting the podcast off the ground but it still took off and
gathered a niche following at the time because it was different and the Facebook video clips performed really

If you fast forward to today we do more topic based episodes on a wide range of Milwaukee topics
incorporating several guests and have done over 110 episodes to date and the show generates 10,000

It’s opened a lot of doors, aside from serving a great marketing tool for our agency GGMM. It enabled us to
launch a podcast production and marketing service in 2018 and now produce and market shows for Marquette
University, Trek Bicycle, Colliers International and a number of smaller businesses.

What do you recommend to aspiring podcasters?

  • If you are podcasting for business/monetary purposes have a clear goal in mind. It is really tough to
    make money off straight podcast advertising but it can still be a great and very lucrative tool to help
    grow a business. 
  • Start narrow and go from there. There are now over 1M podcasts, which is still not a lot compared to 40M+ YouTube channels and 400M+ blogs, but there is a lot of content. You are competing for people’s attention and inorder to grab that attention you need to be different and speak directly to them. What stories can you tell that no one else can? Ask your customers/followers what they want to hear, what their biggest pain points are, what entertains them and create content around that. 
  • Experiment. There are successful podcasts that are 2 hours long and successful podcasts that are five minutes long. Put different types of content out and see how your audience responds and adapt accordingly. I did not think our most downloaded episode to date would be “Dating Advice to Milwaukee Men” that I initially put out as a joke. Due to the popularity we produced three more with Miss WI and Miss MKE that were sponsored by Kesslers Diamonds.

You have managed to grow your podcast during COVID what advice would you give to others?

  • Newsjack – Understandthat people’s content consumption habits are different during this time and their attention has shifted towards COVID. We have done a good job of this by producing episodes featuring groups of diverse leaders on how they are adapting and adjusting to COVID as well as last week we had a “Should Wisconsin have Reopened?” episode and this week an episode with a COVID survivor who spent 8 days in the ICU. These have all performed really well.
  • Take advantage of this opportunity and reach up. If you have an interview style show your guests are more accessible than ever until life returns back to some level of normalcy don’t be afraid to reach out to guests you may not typically be able to get on. The worst they can say is no.
  • Move events to podcasts. Since there are limited in person gatherings we have done several live streams for Milwaukee Rotary Club, they still get a nice live following then we run the podcast after through the GoGedders.

Tell us about the Podcasting for Brands Master Class you just launched

I see a lot of brands that could be using podcasting as an amazing tool to build the right relationships and
market and grow their business but haven’t taken advantage of this opportunity or put a few episodes out and it
doesn’t do much so they get discouraged. In response to this we recently launched a one hour webinar where I
break down the state of podcasting 2020 and what brands are doing to win, how to monetize a podcast without
a big following and our top 8 ways to use podcasting to market and grow your business. We got a great response from the first one having over 60 attendees and raising over $1,300 so we are doing another one on
May 27th and one more in mid June.

For more details you can go here: https://podcast.ggmm.io/