About LIVEfor…

LIVEfor started in 2011 with a dream to tap into the passion of people all around the world and encourage them to stand up for the things theY lived for. It has always been part of our mission to help inspire those who were most vulnerable the pressures of everyday life and help inspire them to go confidently in the direction of their dreams.

In 2012, LIVEfor began working one on one with children with disabilities whose insurance was not covering part or all of their physical therapy services in order to continue to empower them through movement. Since then, LIVEfor has helped children with various disabilities receive physical therapy services in the environment they want to excel in (outside of clinic doors), gain access to specialized equipment to improve their ability to walk or ride a bike, and has even helped kids learn how to paddle board.

Now more than ever, LIVEfor is ready to get back to our roots and help inspire those who are most vulnerable during this challenging time in history. We want to do our part to connect with people all over the world who can help share their passions for life and inspire those who are facing the most difficult time in their lives. Our hope is to raise money and awareness to help make a difference one by one, family by family. Offering meals to those in need is just one way we plan to do our part and inspire change. Together, we can make a difference. We are living for connection. What are you living for?